The annual Kerang Poultry Auction is held on the Monday of the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June, at Alexandra Park, via the Park Road Entrance. The event showcases a large variety of birds from farm yard Poultry to specialty breeds such as Bantams, Silkies, Frizzles, Wyndotes and Sussex’s.

The Kerang and District Agricultural Society has been running the sale for more than 20 years and attracts breeders and poultry enthusiasts from a wide region. The auction and show is one of the largest poultry auctions in Victoria.

Llarge crowds travel from far and wide to see over 5000 lots sold.



Date of Auctionpoultry auction

Monday June 12th 2023



The Auction starts at 10.00am, with birds for sale being received from 7am. All birds are to preferably be penned by 9.30am.

Birds are penned on a first in best dressed system. Booking pens is still essential to guarantee a pen for your birds.

There is Full Catering on site, run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

The Auction is one of the Agricultural Society’s major fundraisers and costs are $5 per pen with a maximum of 3 birds per pen.

Entries can be booked with Geoff Davey on Ph 03 5452 2438 Mob 0438 522 105 or email